Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) stated that veterinary drugs made of natural resources are increasingly being used by the community.

Head of the BRIN Health Research Organization Indi Dharmayanti remarked that research and innovation on veterinary drugs must continue to be carried out to meet the growing market demand in Indonesia.

"Herbal veterinary medicines are increasingly used in preventing and treating diseases or as therapeutic ingredients that can increase the benefits of drugs or reduce drug toxicity," Dharmayanti noted in BRIN's statement as quoted here on Wednesday.

Veterinary drugs, which consist of biological or natural medicinal preparations, can be used to treat or eliminate symptoms of diseases through modification of chemical processes in the body.

The use of veterinary drugs is a form of medical action to increase animals' immunity, prevent and cure animal diseases, as well and improve and restore animal health.

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Dharmayanti revealed that the emergence of infectious and non-infectious diseases tended to increase in the last three decades.

Hence, monitoring and medical research on animal diseases are conducted to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.

According to the organization's head, the main challenge in veterinary research is to provide research results that can be used by the community, especially in improving the health of livestock, pets, and wildlife, and supporting disease control in animals as well as for maintaining public health.

"Indonesia is a country rich in flora and fauna that has the potential to produce drugs for human or animal diseases," she affirmed.

There are 30 thousand species of plants and marine resources that can be processed as ingredients for herbal drugs, she added.

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