Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia established strategic partnership with the Dutch company, Demcon Macawi, to produce high-tech health ventilators in pursuit of strengthening domestic capabilities, especially in the medical equipment sector.

“The cooperation (established) between PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia and the technology owner from abroad (the Netherlands) will strengthen the competitiveness of domestic ventilator products and is expected to raise the standard of its products in the export market," Taufiek Bawazier noted in a statement from the Ministry of Industry on Sunday (Feb 4).

Director General of the Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics Industry (ILMATE) at the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), Taufiek Bawazier, revealed that the initiation of domestic ventilators had been carried out by Kemenperin with Gadjah Mada University, PT Swayasa Prakarsa, and PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia.

"The Ministry of Industry is also developing a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Medical Devices in Yogyakarta by collaborating with universities and the industry in R&D for innovative medical device products," Bawazier stated.

Bawazier explained that the ventilator product, which was developed several years ago, has received distribution testing and is being used in various hospitals in Indonesia.

Kemenperin held the Medical Device Business Forum as part of Indonesia's participation in the prestigious international exhibition, the Arab Health 2024, held from Jan 29 to Feb 1, 2024, in Dubai.

The business forum is targeted to open up opportunities for collaboration between the local industry and global-scale technology owners in the efforts to develop high-tech medical device products.

The local company actively involved in the Arab Health 2024 is PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia, an R&D company founded in 2015, that has focused on developing innovative robotics and industry 4.0 technology products.

At the Arab Health 2024 Business Forum, Stechoq is committed to strengthening technology cooperation with Demcon Macawi.

Demcon Macawi is a research and manufacturing company that produces turbine engines as the main component of ventilators.

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The Dutch company has developed its business over the past decade and has produced up to four thousand units per year of ventilator turbine engines that have been marketed in various countries.

At the Arab Health 2024, PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia and PT Swayasa Prakarsa presented the Emergency Ventilator as the work of the Indonesian people.

In the process of developing the ventilator, PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia received direct supervision from expert machine developers from the Demcon Macawi company.

"PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia decided to invest in using a turbine engine from Demcon Macawi. During its development, PT Stechoq was closely assisted in the transfer of technology by Demcon Macawi," CEO of PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia, Malik Khidir, stated.

Thus, the quality of locally made Emergency Ventilator products will improve and be able to compete in the international market.

Demcon Macawi Senior Business Developer, Ton van Oort, stated that his company's turbine engines are based on high technology in ventilator development and had been used widely by ventilator companies from across the world.

"We appreciate the performance of PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia engineers who were able to quickly complete this Emergency Ventilator research," Ton stated.

He said that several other companies took a long time to develop ventilators, while PT Stechoq only took two weeks to complete research related to this matter.

"And this is the fastest in the world," Ton remarked.

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