Singapore (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Spark Education Group, ("Spark" or "the Company"), one of the world's largest providers of small-group online classes for K-12 education, successfully held the 2023 Global Spark Math Awards in Singapore on January 13, 2024. More than 100 attendees attended the Singapore awards ceremony, and the event simultaneously broadcast live to thousands of viewers globally. Each of Spark Education's learning centers around the world, including US and Canada, also held their own awards ceremonies.

Award ceremony attendees immersed themselves in fun and educational games, both children and parents truly experienced the joy of engaged learning that typifies Spark Education. During the ceremonies, it was apparent from both the data shared by the organization and testimonials from parents, that the children not only achieved excellent results, but also laid a solid foundation for their future learning and personal growth. These activities and celebrations helped everyone online and offline feel Spark Math's goal of creating a fun and efficient way to academic success.

Attendees including educators and parents were impressed by the confidence and pride of the beaming students as they approached the stage to receive the honors and rewards earned by their hard work. "We want our son Legolas to eventually be able to grasp the skills required to master challenging Math concepts, and we thought the immersive and interactive experience provided by Spark Math will help him appreciate the process a bit more," said one parent, Lucas. "The teachers ensure they connect with students, and I can also see that Legolas enjoys interacting with familiar faces in the virtual classroom. We can clearly see that Spark Math has helped him build confidence in tackling various Math concepts!"

Co-founder and General Manager, Xiaonan Wang, commented in his speech at the Singapore event, "At Spark Math, we've focused on unveiling the magic behind numbers and formulas. Math is the language of logic and creativity that shapes our world, and we believe it isn't simply about memorization, it is a journey of exploration to solve interesting puzzles and challenges. It's a tool that empowers us to solve both simple and complex problems, opening doors to future possibilities. Today, we celebrate not just the achievements but the journey of our students. Over recent weeks and months, they've grown tremendously and guided by our dedicated teachers and through many fun and exciting adventures with Abby, Benny, and Casey, our students have not only mastered mathematical concepts but also nurtured a growing curiosity and love for learning. I want to say a huge thanks to the parents here today for investing in your children's future and sharing our vision and belief that learning should be fun."

The Spark Math Awards celebrate not only those students that were recognized for outstanding achievements over the past year, but also the hard work and progress of all enrolled students. Thousands of Spark Math students around the world challenged themselves and improved their problem solving and critical thinking skills over the past year. To date, Spark Education Group has enrolled about 700,000 students worldwide in its Spark Math, Chinese, Coding, and Chess courses. It is noteworthy that the Spark Math Competition Program has helped over 8,000 students win top awards in 12 international competitions including Math League, SASMO, and Mathematical Association of America's AMC 8.

About Spark Education Group

Founded in 2017, Spark Education Group is headquartered in Singapore and has served about 700,000 students worldwide. Its portfolio of education brands combines research-based pedagogy with technology to improve the learning experience and educational outcomes for students around the world. Recently accredited by, it was awarded "Best Interactive Learning Experience" at the EdTech Asia Summit and was further recognized as a Parent and Teacher Choice Award Gold Medal Recipient.

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