To celebrate Jakarta's anniversary this year, we will organize several events called the Jakarta Beat Society, which constitutes an international music festival.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - An international music festival will liven up celebrations to mark Jakarta's 492nd anniversary at Banteng Square in Central Jakarta on June 28-30.

"To celebrate Jakarta's anniversary this year, we will hold several events under the name of the Jakarta Beat Society that constitutes an international music festival," Chief of the Arts and Culture Section of the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office Gumilar Ekalaya stated in Jakarta on Thursday.

Ekalaya, popularly known as Gugum, noted that upbeat traditional music will be played at the festival.

"Hence, several countries (that will participate in the event) will play upbeat traditional music, and the upbeat element of Betawi music is quite dominant," he revealed.

Zimbabwe, Hungary, and the United States will participate in the festival. They will enliven the two-day event on June 29-30, he stated.

"They will perform at the international event on June 29-30, while the pre-event will be organized on June 28," he remarked.

Apart from the festival, other events comprise the Jakarta night festival to be held at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout on June 22, a creative market at Banteng Square on June 21-23, and Betawai post-fasting month festivities (Lebaran) at the National Monument (Monas) Square on July 5-7, he added. EDITED BY INE

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Translator: Muhammad Adimaja, Suharto
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