Jakarta (ANTARA) - Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas stated that the Isra Miraj commemoration is a momentum to invite all Muslims to increase social piety and strengthen their relationship with the God Almighty amid the social dynamics.

"Amid the diversity and dynamics of Indonesian society, Isra Miraj teaches us to strengthen our relationship with God while increasing social piety in daily life," Qoumas remarked in a video uploaded on the ministry's YouTube account here on Thursday.

The minister highlighted that Isra Miraj reminds the people of Prophet Muhammad's spiritual journey that reflects Muslims' history and current daily lives.

The Prophet's spiritual journey has invaluable lessons on how to love the creator and fellow human beings.

Qoumas explained that carrying out routine prayers has a deep philosophy of strengthening piety, discipline, and obedience to God.

"The social impact of carrying out prayers is enormous because prayer brings spiritual benefits that strengthen the bond between the individual and God Almighty. It also forms a community that supports each other and strengthens social relations," he affirmed.

The minister remarked that Muslims can learn from the story of the Prophet's companion named Salman Alfarisi.

He stated that by learning from Alfarisi, Muslims can improve their piety amid diversity in Indonesian society.

He explained that Alfarisi undertook a long journey to find spiritual truth, and he finally met Prophet Muhammad in Medina. Since then, he felt a strong connection to Islam that prioritizes social justice and compassion for others.

From that journey, Alfarisi became a loyal friend of the Prophet. He also demonstrated his piety by becoming an example in carrying out social good.

"He (Alfarisi), helped the poor and looked after their needs. One of his famous stories was when he spent all his wealth to free prisoners of war who were treated unfairly," he stated.

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Translator: Hreeloita S, Kenzu
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