Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) lauded the internal reforms carried out by the Supreme Court (MA) to uphold legal principles in ensuring the rule of law and good governance to improve the court performance sustainably.

Jokowi then emphasized the importance of the quality of human resources (HR) for judges that includes having integrity, professionalism, sensitivity, and a sense of justice in society as well as staying abreast of current developments, including advances in science and technology.

During his remarks at the 2023 Supreme Court Annual Report Special Session in Jakarta on Tuesday, Jokowi emphasized that innovation should be part of reform by not only adopting new technology but also developing a new perspective and sensitivity in resolving legal cases, such as by implementing a restorative justice system as a breakthrough in resolving cases.

The head of state also expressed the government's appreciation for the Supreme Court's innovations in encouraging the acceleration of legal transformation through increasing the use of the e-court system and developing an artificial intelligence-based decision spot system (DSS) that will support the consistency of decisions by referring to earlier existing decisions.

He also affirmed that the Indonesian people laud the commitment to public transparency implemented by the Supreme Court, with more than 22 thousand decisions been published in a decision directory that is accessible to the public.

"I received a report that in 2023, the Supreme Court succeeded in finishing up to 99.47 percent of cases. This is a good progress," he remarked.

However, Jokowi pointed out that over the quantity of cases, the quality of the verdict, namely the court's decision should be able to provide a sense of justice, offer legal certainty, and support the development of the nation and state towards a developed Indonesia.

Apart from providing a sense of justice, Jokowi also expressed hope that reform of the Supreme Court's internal system can help to save state assets, improve the community's welfare, and support Indonesia to become a high-income country.

The president then thanked the Supreme Court that continues to work hard to improve itself and carry out reforms that are an important part of the efforts to strengthen the rule of law and good governance.

"The people have high expectations of judicial institutions. They are demanding guarantees of justice. They have also become more critical of the judicial process and more open in expressing their views," he stressed.

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