…I finally signed the presidential regulation on the responsibility of digital platforms to support quality journalism…
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has signed the Presidential Regulation on Publishers' Rights as a form of government support for quality journalism.

"After a long time and debate, I finally signed the presidential regulation on the responsibility of digital platforms to support quality journalism or what we know as publishers’ rights," he said while giving a speech at the 2024 National Press Day (HPN) Commemoration Summit at Ancol Ecopark Hall here on Tuesday.

The discourse on publishers' rights, which has been on since last year, became the government's concern for realizing quality journalism and the sustainability of the conventional media industry in the country, he added.

"The process was very long; there were many differences of opinion and I know it was tiring for many parties. It was very difficult to find common ground and, before signing, I really listened to the aspirations of my press colleagues," he said.

President Jokowi added that the aspirations and differing opinions came from both conventional media outlets and digital platforms.

The government responded to the differences by considering the implications that could arise from the presence of the regulation in Indonesia.

"Large digital platforms had different opinions and we had to weigh the implications, and after (that) there began to be a point of understanding, and then a common ground," he informed.

He added that the Press Council, press companies, and media associations had called for the signing of the publishers' rights regulation, and he eventually complied with their request.

Jokowi also highlighted the spirit of the publishers' rights regulation, which is realizing quality and educational journalism that is far from negative.

"For ensuring the national media industry sustainability, we want fairer cooperation between press companies and digital platforms," he said.

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