Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) has launched seven priority programs this year to build community resilience and public awareness regarding the radical and violent ideology of terrorists.

BNPT head Rycko Amelza Dahniel said that four of the priority programs comprise the empowerment of women, children, and youth; the establishment of "siap siaga" (prepared) villages; the setting up of peace schools; and the construction of a national campus.

"The first four programs are dedicated to building public resilience, especially among women, children, and teenagers, so that these groups have the power to prevent, deter, and oppose the violent ideology of radicalism, terrorism," he informed during the 2024 BNPT National Working Meeting on Tuesday.

The next three priority programs comprise the assessment of employees assigned high-risk tasks, the handling of Indonesian citizens affiliated with foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs), and the reintegration and re-education of deradicalized partners and families outside prison, he added.

The priority programs have been implemented under Presidential Regulation Number 7 of 2021 concerning the National Action Plan for Preventing and Combating Violent-Based Extremism that Leads to Terrorism (RAN PE) for 2020–2024.

The seven priority programs are based on the shifting patterns of terrorism. Dahniel said that the attack pattern has changed from a hard approach to a soft one, from a bullet strategy to a ballot strategy.

In addition, BNPT's Indonesia Knowledge Hub (I-KHUb) data for 2023 shows that women, children, and teenagers are the most targeted for online and offline radicalization, making them a vulnerable group.

The data is strengthened by the results of research conducted in 2016–2023 by the Setara Institute, one of BNPT's research collaborators, which shows that there has been an increase in the migration of radicalized teenagers.

"Even though the increase in migration is only single digit, this vulnerable group is the nation's next generation," Dahniel said.

He further said that Indonesia remained free from open terrorist attacks in 2023. However, he reminded all parties to remain vigilant because the movement of terrorists is still continuing.

The 2024 BNPT National Working Meeting was themed "Protecting Women, Children, and Adolescents from the Radical Ideology of Terrorism to Accelerate Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation" with the slogan "BNPT is Present for Indonesian Women, Children, and Adolescents."

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