Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire) - According to a survey by the Asia Estate Planning Association (AEPA) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), only 20% of the respondents have written a Will. Such findings suggest that many individuals have neglected planning for the transfer of assets after their demise.

Summit Planners believes that the members of the public may have the misconception that a Will is only for the wealthy or older people. Aside from that, some may lack knowledge regarding Will Planning. Without a Will, the estate division may lead to unnecessary conflicts and disharmony among loved ones.

Together with AEPA, Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) and Special Needs Trust Co (SNTC), Summit Planners are committed to running Will Planning seminars throughout the year for the community, designed to overcome the misperception of Will Planning and help them make informed decisions for the future. The seminars aim to raise awareness of the importance of Will Planning and encourage the members of the public to take action to ensure that their affairs are well taken care of.

In the coming days, Summit Planners will employ various tools and strategies to increase market outreach and awareness. The process is divided into two main components – Onsite Engagement and External Collaboration.

Onsite Engagement: Organise Will Planning seminars twice a month for members of the public at our premises. We will also implement a thematic approach for our seminars to target different audience groups, such as sandwich generations, retirees, women, etc.

External Collaboration: Collaborate with various organisations, such as hospitals, schools, corporations, etc., by organising offsite seminars to cater to their respective audiences.

Summit Planners is on a mission to address the growing needs of estate planning in Singapore. This milestone is a significant move for Summit Planners as they aim to empower the members of the public with knowledge and resources to secure their financial future.

Summit Planners is also proud to announce that they have participated in raising S$50,000 for the Community Chest to support the disadvantaged and make a difference in their lives.

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"Summit Planners is committed to redefining the way individuals approach estate planning and make estate planning simplified and understandable."

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