Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi pressed for an improvement in digitalization services in the maritime transportation sector to support stakeholders in running their businesses.

Sumadi underscored the need for the maritime transportation and logistics sectors to improve their governance, especially in simplifying bureaucratic arrangements, governance regulations, and efficiency of logistics business processes through digitalization of services.

"We will simplify the system. We need to integrate all systems from all directorates. We will do it consistently and transparently where people can see how sea highways and permits are managed properly," he noted in a statement from his office on Monday.

Sumadi conveyed the remarks while opening the 2024 Directorate General of Sea Transportation Working Meeting in Jakarta on Monday.

The minister drew attention to major challenges posed to development of the maritime transportation sector, such as improving governance of the logistics sector, optimizing non-tax state revenues (PNBP), and enhancing the quality of human resources (HR).

Regarding the optimization of PNBP, Sumadi noted that the challenges faced are not only limited to PNBP maintenance and improvement in quantity but also the quality of tariff types and services to the community.

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According to Sumadi, the realization of PNBP at the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in 2023 had reached Rp4.9 trillion (US$314 million), or 112.83 percent of the state budget target of Rp4.4 trillion.

"I ask all work units to improve and evaluate the implementation of PNBP collection and improve the lacking potential to increase state revenue," he remarked.

Regarding the quality of HR, Sumadi stated that the Directorate General of Maritime Transportation implements strategic programs, with employees totaling 13,281, for which the equal distribution of HR with improved competency at the head office and technical implementation units (UPTs) is deemed necessary.

Currently, the distribution of HR, with the required educational qualifications, has not been even, especially in UPTs in the Eastern Indonesia region. Hence, these needs must be fulfilled through online and offline technical and managerial training programs, he stressed.

"Collaboration and Synergy to Realizing Reliable Sea Transportation to Support Advanced Indonesia" is the theme of today's work meeting .

The work meeting is expected to build a common understanding, handle problems and dynamics of the shipping business, and support performance evaluation for making decisions and policies in the field of maritime transportation.

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