Users only need to buy one autonomously switchable carrier-redundant SIM card

Tokyo--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT group, announced that it began commercial sales of its Active Multi-access SIM™,1 which had been offered on a trial basis since March 28, 2023, from January 31. The new SIM and associated service will enable diverse IoT devices to switch between a network’s main and sub-carriers in the event of network failure, achieving network redundancy with a single SIM on a fully automatic basis without the need to monitor networks or initiate switching on the device terminal side.

The service offers three key benefits, starting with automatic fault detection and carrier switching, both of which are patent pending. If communication fails,2 the applet3 in the SIM automatically detects the failure, switches to a sub-carrier and then back to the main carrier after a fixed period of time. The user does not need to perform any manual operation or configure complicated settings.

The second benefit is compliance with European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards for compatibility with a wide range of devices using the SIM Toolkit standard, which allows SIM applets to issue commands to these devices.4

The third advantage is convenience and operability:

 • Centralized contracts, support, etc.
   The main and sub-carriers are both provided by NTT Com, which is less complicated and more reasonable than contracting with a separate sub-carrier.

 • Optimized costs
   Main carriers offer a variety of plans based on data usage. They also support capacity sharing and SIM lifecycle management5 to reduce costs during market inventory and usage outages.

 • Centralized management of lines via portal/API
   Multi-carrier SIMs can be purchased from a single card, and line management activities (ordering, activating, suspending and terminating) can be performed via the web.

 • Enhanced data usage and business building via Smart Data Platform6
   The service is available on the Smart Data Platform as a IoT Connect Mobile® Type S plan for enhanced data usage. Companies can take advantage of highly available circuits for purposes such as the construction of data-utilization infrastructure on the platform. Companies offering services combining IoT devices and SIMs for end-user customers will be able to manage user contracts and privileges via a convenient portal.

For more about usage fees, please visit (in Japanese only). To learn how to apply, users should contact NTT Com via the online inquiry form or any NTT Com sales representative.

Going forward, NTT Com will consider expanding the Active Multi-access SIM™ service with additional features, such as closed area connections.

In recent years, as companies have increasingly adopted IoT solutions for business expansion, the demand has grown for highly reliable networks offering robust redundancy in the form of multiple carriers. In response, NTT Com has developed a service that achieves a high level of network redundancy independent of IoT devices, which it has been offering on a trial basis since March 28, 2023. Based on feedback from clients during the trial period, NTT Com has improved various functions and is now launching the service.

A number of NTT Com clients have endorsed the service, as follows.

Mr. Susumu Tanaka, Representative Director
“Our company welcomes the commercialization of NTT Com's Active Multi-access SIM™. This innovative SIM technology will greatly enhance the capabilities of our LTE routers and IoT gateways, providing reliable connectivity that we will leverage to offer optimal solutions to customers. This advanced SIM will realize new possibilities by increasing communications redundancy and efficiency in the IoT sector.”

Fibocom Wireless Inc.
Mr. Ronald Chan, VP of APAC Sales Department

“Connectivity is a fundamental technology for digital transformation leveraging the IoT, and NTT Com's innovative SIM solution improves the availability of wireless connectivity. As a global wireless solutions provider, Fibocom is confident that we can provide reliable and robust wireless connectivity services to our customers with solutions that integrate the SIM into our cellular module portfolio.”

MeiLink Co., Ltd
Mr. Turbo Fukazawa, General Manager, Sales Department.
“IoT is rapidly being utilized in various industries, so we feel there is a growing demand to establish more stable communications. We hope that the Active Multi-access SIM™ announced by NTT Com will be a solution to this problem and provide an opportunity for further market expansion.”

1 For data communication only (but neither voice nor SMS services). Companies seeking carrier redundancy that includes voice services for smartphones, etc., should consider a sub-line service.
2 In addition to line failure, also includes conditions rendering data communication impossible, such as being out of range, etc.
3 A small program written in Java and embedded in another application for execution.
4 Please visit Smart Data Platform Knowledge Center(in Japanese only) for devices tested for compatibility (to be updated periodically). We recommend that clients verify compatibility with this service on a per-device basis. Please contact NTT Com to request a temporary SIM to confirm compatibility.
5 Management of line status, such as opening, suspending, resuming and terminating.
6The Smart Data Platform enables enterprise customers to accelerate their digital transformations with one-stop functions for data collection, storage, management and analysis as well as infrastructure. Please visit
7 IoT mobile communication services, available in Japan and globally, that use eSIMs and full MVNO infrastructure.

"IoT Connect Mobile® " is a registered trademark of NTT Communications.
"Active Multi-access SIM™ " is a trademark of NTT Communications.

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