From the (total) number of bus units, the ministry's Directorate General of Land Transportation has 30,088 of free quotas.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Transportation Ministry has prepared 722 buses for the 2024 Eid al-Fitr Free Homecoming Program, director general of land transportation, Hendro Sugiatno, informed here on Tuesday.

"From the (total) number of bus units, the ministry's Directorate General of Land Transportation has 30,088 of free quotas," he said.

He said that the quota of 30,088 for the free homecoming program will cover 24,368 people during homecoming travel and 5,720 people during return travel.

Sugiatno added that the ministry will also provide a quota of 900 units for motorcycle freight that will be transported on trucks free of charge this year.

"A quota of 450 units is available for the homecoming flow with 15 trucks and another 450 units for the return flow transported by 15 trucks as well. So, there will be 30 trucks," he said.

The ministry's free homecoming program will cover 33 destinations, he added. The destinations will be spread across West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra Island.

He said that the handover of motorcycles for the free homecoming freight service will be carried out on April 4, 2024, at Pondok Cabe Terminal, South Tangerang, and the trucks will leave on April 5.

Meanwhile, the exodus participants will be able to depart from Pulogebang Terminal in Jakarta, Pondok Cabe Terminal, and the Jatijajar Terminal in Depok on April 6.

Passengers could also depart from Kampung Rambutan Terminal in Jakarta, Poris Plawad Terminal in Tangerang, and W. A. Gara Terminal in Central Kalimantan on April 7.

Registrations for the free homecoming program will open on March 6 and close on April 3, or until the quota runs out.

The registrations can be made via the MitraDarat application, which is available on the App Store and Play Store.

Sugiatno asked people planning to return to their hometowns during Eid to take part in the free homecoming program organized by the government.

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