Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Puan Maharani met French President Emmanuel Macron during the 2024 Women Speakers' Summit at the Elysee Palace, Paris, France, on Thursday (March 7).

Based on a press release received here on Friday, Maharani, during a conversation with President Macron, stated that relations between Indonesia and France had grown positively for more than 73 years.

"This is a proud achievement that has always been our concern in Indonesia," she remarked.

Maharani affirmed that France is one of Indonesia's most important partners in Europe. Hence, she sought to intensify bilateral relations between Indonesia and France, especially strategically, in the political, defense, and economic fields.

She also encouraged cooperation in the areas of economy and investment between the two countries.

"As a speaker of the parliament, I fully support that initiative," she remarked.

President Macron agreed to improve bilateral relations between Indonesia and France. Through Maharani, he congratulated Indonesians on the recent holding of the election.

"The bilateral relations between Indonesia and France are expected to improve in the future," he stated.

Macron was accompanied by French National Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Pivet.

"Indonesia is a friend of France," the French president added.

After meeting President Macron, Maharani and the other participants returned to the location of the 2024 Women Speakers' Summit. Macron held the meeting to welcome 24 women parliament speakers participating in the summit.

Meanwhile, the summit, held on March 6-7, discussed various matters concerning the issue of women's empowerment and gender equality.

In Paris, Maharani was accompanied by other House members, Charles Honoris and Irine Yusiana Roba Putri, as well as Indonesian Ambassador to France Mohamad Oemar.

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