Jakarta (ANTARA) - Prospective Hajj pilgrims should manage their rest time and limit receiving guests a week before leaving for pilgrimage, a health official said on Saturday.

"A week before departure, prospective Hajj pilgrims should manage their resting time," said Liliek Marhaendro Susilo, Head of the Health Center at the Health Ministry.

He explained that pilgrims often get busy before their departure, with guests visiting their houses and praying for their well-being during the pilgrimage. They also often receive guests on the day before departure.

However, the few days before departure are a crucial time for Hajj pilgrims, Susilo reminded. They should be resting and preparing for the necessary equipment.

"We will be monitoring them. Usually, they still prepare many things before leaving for embarkation. They have no time prior to departure because they are busy hosting guests at their house," he said.

Susilo earlier reminded Hajj pilgrims to start doing light exercises regularly before leaving for the Holy Land.

"They can practice a healthy lifestyle. Go for a walk every morning or every day. If possible, try to do light exercise regularly," he added.

He said the Hajj is a physically demanding pilgrimage. Pilgrims' physical fitness will be tested, especially during peak Hajj activities.

Hence, he encouraged pilgrims to maintain fitness by conducting light exercises for at least 30 minutes every day before leaving for Saudi Arabia.

Short-distance activities usually conducted by using a vehicle can be switched to walking or cycling, he stated.

Susilo also remarked that pilgrims' food intake must be controlled and comprise highly nutritious food and adequate nutrition. Hajj pilgrims can reduce or avoid eating sweet and salty foods, especially for the elderly.

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Translator: Asep Firmansyah, Resinta Sulistiyandari
Editor: Anton Santoso
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