North Penajam Paser (ANTARA) - The government is developing the new capital city, Nusantara, in East Kalimantan by ensuring the preservation of local wisdom and culture among its residents, the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) said on Monday.

"We have been making efforts to preserve local wisdom in Nusantara," said Alimuddin, OIKN's Deputy for Socio-cultural Affairs and People's Empowerment.

He emphasized the government's plan to help traditional communities preserve their culture by developing a museum that will become a future cultural tourism destination in the capital city.

In a bid to involve traditional communities in the development of Nusantara, he said that the government is providing training courses to them to hone their skills and capacity.

The regions within Nusantara are home to local communities such as the Paser Balik and Dayak people.

Alimuddin said that the government had been striving to ensure that Nusantara would emerge as a well-organized, comfortable, and sustainable city without disrupting residents inhabiting the development site.

"We are learning from Jakarta. Hence, we must ensure the preservation of local cultures while identifying ways to organize local people without resorting to eviction," he pointed out.

Alimuddin reiterated that the government ensures that the development of Nusantara does not entail the eviction of local residents, including those belonging to traditional communities.

He stressed the government's commitment to developing Nusantara as a well-organized, comfortable, and sustainable city, all while minimizing disruption to residents living within the development area.

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