The Independent Curriculum was introduced four years ago, but was not made mandatory for all educational units.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has declared the Independent Curriculum as the national curriculum through the issuance of ministerial regulation number 12 of 2024.

The regulation covers the curriculum for early childhood, basic, and secondary education.

"With the issuance of this regulation, the Independent Curriculum has officially become the basic framework and curriculum structure for all schools in Indonesia," head of the Educational Assessment Curriculum Standards Agency, Anindito Aditomo, said on Wednesday.

The Independent Curriculum was introduced four years ago, but was not made mandatory for all educational units.

However, over the past four years, the Independent Curriculum has been adopted by more than 300 thousand or 80 percent of educational units in Indonesia, Aditomo highlighted.

Therefore, the regulation aims to provide certainty in policy direction regarding curriculum and learning activities, he said.

He informed that around 20 percent of educational units that have not yet implemented the Independent Curriculum will be given several years to adapt to the curriculum.

A transition period of three years will be given to the outermost, disadvantaged, and frontier areas (3T) — no later than the 2027–2028 academic year — to implement the curriculum, and two years (2026–2027) to other regions.

The ministry's director general of early childhood education, primary, and secondary education, Iwan Syahril, urged regional governments to help implement the Independent Curriculum, especially by supporting schools and teachers through various learning communities.

Meanwhile, the ministry's director general of teachers and education personnel, Nunuk Suryani, said that her party is encouraging school principals to prepare for implementing the Independent Curriculum through the technical implementation unit (UPT).

According to the ministry's director general of vocational education, Kiki Yuliati, the Independent Curriculum will also support vocational schools to implement learning according to the needs of industrial partners.

"Schools and teachers can easily adapt the learning activity with industrial partners," she said.

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