I hope the young colleagues (college students) can share their experiences and knowledge on the latest (innovative) learning contents...
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Kampus Mengajar (Teaching Campus) program is one of the solutions for recovering learning activities, which were disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry.

"The Kampus Mengajar Program has proven to be a solution to expedite the post-pandemic recovery of student learning (activities) in schools," Director General of Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, and Secondary Education at the ministry Iwan Syahril said on Saturday.

During the ‘Dispatch of Kampus Mengajar Participants Batch 5,’ he highlighted that as a result of the pandemic, Indonesia is facing learning losses, which have affected students' literacy and numeracy abilities.

During a national assessment conducted by the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry in 2021, one out of two basic and secondary students have not yet reached the minimum literacy competency.

Furthermore, the assessment found that two out of three basic and secondary students have not reached the minimum numeracy competency.

Hence, the implementation of the Kampus Mengajar Program is focusing on improving the literacy and numeracy competencies of students by involving college students to help teachers develop learning strategies.

The 5th batch of the program will involve 21,045 college students in teaching activities at 5,093 schools throughout Indonesia.

Of the figure, 467 college students will be involved in the Kampus Mengajar Program in Jakarta and will be assigned to 114 educational units across the province.

In addition to improving the students’ literacy and numeracy skills, the participants of the program are being asked to assist the learning and school management process based on the needs of the respective schools.

Meanwhile, Head of Educators and Education Personnel at the Jakarta Provincial Education Office Muh Roji said he expected the resumption of offline learning at schools to help students get a better learning experience.

Most schools in Jakarta have implemented the Kurikulum Merdeka (Independent Curriculum), thus they need help and assistance from college students in technology adaptation, such as in using Platform Merdeka Mengajar (PMM/Freedom in Teaching Platform).

"I hope the young colleagues (college students) can share their experiences and knowledge on the latest (innovative) learning contents, as well as collaborate with the school principals and teachers," Roji added.

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