Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology stated that so far, 112 thousand university students have participated in the Kampus Mengajar (Teaching Campus) program in more than 23 thousand target schools.

Teaching Campus is a program initiated by the ministry that provides university students an opportunity to support teachers and school principals in carrying out learning activities in schools.

“They directly take part and collaborate with teachers, school principals, and even students’ parents,” the ministry’s Director of Learning and Student Affairs Sri Suning Kusumawardani noted in a statement here on Friday.

According to Kusumawardani, the Teaching Campus program is an answer to the current challenge, namely the increasingly complex job market’s demand for human resources.

The learning that university students will take part in while joining the program is considered to be able to hone various competencies, such as communication skills, cooperation, leadership, creative thinking, and problem solving.

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The Teaching Campus program, which will open registration for its 7th batch on November 1, 2023, is carried out with two goals: improving the competence of university students and accelerating the improvement of literacy and numeracy skills of school students in the target schools.

"I hope that this good cause can get full support from universities to provide the widest possible opportunities for university students to join, register, and serve," she remarked.

Meanwhile, the ministry's Director of Academic Vocational Higher Education, Beny Bandanadjaja, stated that the Teaching Campus program can provide new learning methods for students at vocational high schools.

He explained that students of vocational universities can share their experiences and knowledge in the aspect of strengthening digital literacy and support training students of vocational high schools in leadership and communication by collaborating with teachers.

In its 7th batch, the Teaching Campus program will open opportunities for 30 thousand selected university students that will be distributed to 3,000 target schools comprising elementary schools, junior high schools, and vocational high schools.

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