More than half of the students are present in school, but have difficulty understanding lessons
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Teaching Campus (Kampus Mengajar) program can help build the foundation for lifelong learning skills, namely basic literacy and numeracy, among school students.

Head of the Educational Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency (BSKAP) at the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, Anindito Aditomo, delivered the statement at a send-off for the Teaching Campus Program batch VI participants, which was followed online from here on Thursday.

Teaching Campus is a program initiated by the ministry, which provides university students an opportunity to support teachers and school principals in carrying out learning activities in schools.

According to Aditomo, the program is contributing to helping the state in resolving one of the critical issues in education in Indonesia: the learning crisis.

He pointed out that many students of elementary and junior high schools attend classes in school but do not get meaningful learning.

"More than half of the students are present in school, but have difficulty understanding lessons," he said.

Research has shown that only about a third of students can understand basic mathematics and apply it in their daily life, he added.

Thus, he continued, the Teaching Campus program is targeting elementary and junior high schools in several regions of Indonesia to help develop basic literacy and numeracy learning.

"Without basic logic and mathematical skills, many doors will be closed, and it will be difficult to digest (knowledge) if one does not understand," he said.

To this end, he expressed the hope that participants of the program would share their knowledge and develop a sense of joy in learning among school students.

Aditomo said that joy is the main capital in learning that can help ensure learning is not based on traumatic attitudes and children can learn independently.

"The ability to be independent in learning is the essence of lifelong learning," he added.

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