Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo said on Thursday that Indonesia's appeal against the decision of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on his government's nickel ore export ban will likely be defeated.

In December 2022, the WTO ruled in favor of the European Union, which claimed that Indonesia's nickel export ban violated WTO rules.

Widodo said that the export ban was aimed at realizing nickel downstreaming.

"However, the policy aimed at achieving nickel downstreaming was challenged at the WTO, and unfortunately, we lost," he added while delivering his opening remarks at the Congress of the Indonesian Buddhist Student Association in Jakarta on Thursday.

"We then submitted an appeal… I am sure we may lose again, but at that time, we hope our nickel-based industries are ready," he said.

Indonesia's appeal at the WTO is currently in limbo as the United States is trying to prevent the creation of an appellate body at the trade organization.

Widodo said that Indonesia will await the legal process at the WTO while developing nickel-based industries, including electronic vehicle battery production.

Even if Indonesia loses the appeal, the government will take the next legal steps, he informed.

"If there will be a second chance at appeal, we will submit another one. In short, don't back down until our nickel-based industries are ready to operate," he said.

During Thursday's event, Widodo also emphasized Indonesia's determination to utilize the peak demographic bonus in 2045, when 68 percent of its population is estimated to be in the productive age.

"I have said many times that our nation has a huge opportunity and potential to become an advanced country in 2045," he said.

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