Jakarta (ANTARA) - Youth and Sports Minister Dito Ariotedjo noted in the ministry's statement here on Friday that collaboration between stakeholders is important to improve the country's achievements in traditional sports.

During the fasting-breaking meal (iftar) gathering with the Indonesia Recreational Sports Committee (KORMI) on Thursday (March 28), he explained that traditional sports can be more advanced in the future if developed through collaboration.

"This momentum of togetherness is expected to improve friendship and also increase collaboration to advance Indonesian traditional sports," he remarked.

He expressed optimism that the good momentum in the holy month of Ramadan can lead to future collaboration.

He remarked that one of the ministry's programs is Tarkam, or the inter-village championship program, aimed at finding talents from an early age.

The program also aims to encourage Indonesians living in rural areas to develop a greater interest in exercising. Sports having the potential to contribute nationally are included in this program.

Moreover, to boost the growth of young talents, the government has encouraged equitable development of sports facilities throughout the regions.

Chairman of KORMI, Hayono Isman, expressed hope that friendship and collaboration would be formed through the iftar activity.

"Thank you to the youth and sports minister and his secretary (Gunawan Suswantoro) for being here. Breaking the fast is a form of gathering in Ramadan," Isman remarked.

One of the cities in Indonesia that has several traditional sports villages is Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

Mayor of Banjarmasin H. Ibnu Sina remarked that as many as 33 villages in his city became national references for traditional sports.

Sina remarked that KORMI considered Banjarmasin City to be full of folk sports.

"(KORMI) tells about Banjarmasin's traditional sports villages at national events," he remarked.

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