Jakarta (ANTARA) - Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded an annual inflation rate (year-on-year) of 3.05 percent in March 2024, reflecting an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 102.99 in March 2023 to 106.13 in March 2024.

"Based on expenditure groups, the largest annual inflation occurred in the food, drink, and tobacco group, namely 7.43 percent, with an inflation contribution of 2.09 percent to general inflation," said Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, Acting Head of Statistics Indonesia, on Monday.

Commodities that contributed to inflation in this group include rice (0.74 percent), chicken meat (0.21 percent), red chilies (0.18 percent), chicken eggs (0.11 percent), hand-rolled cigarettes (SKT) (0.04 percent), and machine-made white cigarettes (SPM) (0.04 percent).

Apart from the food, beverage, and tobacco group, the other significant contributors comprised gold jewelry (0.12 percent) and rice with side dishes (0.05 percent).

Regionally, all provinces are said to be experiencing inflation, with the highest occurring in West Papua at 4.78 percent and the lowest in Southwest Papua at 1.42 percent.

Annual inflation occurs in all components. The core component experienced annual inflation of 1.77 percent, with an inflation contribution of 1.14 percent, with the dominant commodities contributing to inflation in the core component, including gold jewelry, granulated sugar, and house rental costs.

The price component regulated by the government experienced an annual inflation rate of 1.39 percent. This component contributed 0.27 percent, with the dominant share of inflation coming from the production group of machine-made cigarettes (SKM), SKT, SPM, and air transportation rates.

"For the volatile price component, inflation was 10.33 percent. This component makes the largest contribution to annual inflation, with a contribution of 1.64 percent," she stated.

She added that the dominant commodities that contribute to inflation in volatile price components are rice, purebred chicken meat, red chilies, purebred chicken eggs, garlic, and tomatoes.

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