Suzhou, China, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- The iF Design Award 2024 winners have recently been announced, and ECOVACS' DEEBOT X2 family and the WINBOT W2 stood out among 11,000 entries from 72 countries for their innovative design and outstanding product quality, earning them two prestigious awards.

With more than 70 years' legacy, the iF Design Award is known as the "Oscars of Product Design". With the awards granted to the DEEBOT X2 family and the WINBOT W2, ECOVACS has proven that it is a leading brand in product innovation, functionality, and aesthetics.

Striving for the Best and Always Setting the Industry Trends

Back in 2021, ECOVACS collaborated with Jacob Jensen Design (JJD) to craft the edgy look of DEEBOT X1 series. This distinctive design carries over to the X2 model, culminating in a pioneering square shape in 2023.

The progression of square robots represents not just a change in appearance, but also a paradigm shift in user experience. Practical usability is enhanced by the sleeker design, more precise cleaning paths, and increased internal space.

The DEEBOT X2 features a mere 9.5cm ground clearance and a compact width of 32cm. The slim design enables it to reach corners and low spaces easily, significantly boosting its cleaning efficiency.

Powered by the industry's first hybrid solid-state LiDAR technology, DEEBOT X2 features faster mapping, precise navigation, and enhanced obstacle detection. By utilizing its innovative AINA Model, pets and furniture are better protected from more dynamic obstacles. With the multi-function base station, users can free their hands for other tasks, thus maximizing user convenience.

Continued Creativity in New Product Categories

In the field of smart window cleaning, ECOVACS continues to lead the way with its outstanding design and innovative capabilities.

The ECOVACS WINBOT W2 stands as a trailblazer in the industry as the first robotic window cleaner to feature a multi-functional station. This innovative all-in-one design not only boasts a sleek appearance but also significantly expands the reach and versatility of window cleaning tasks. Notably, it is equipped with an automatic cable retraction feature, which effectively eliminates the hassle of tangled cable during window cleaning.

The multi-functional base station enables WINBOT W2 with a powerful 5,200 mAh battery capable of cleaning 65 square meters of windows on a single charge, which greatly enhances cleaning flexibility.

Incorporating a three-nozzle wide-angle spray atomization technology and edge-cleaning function, WINBOT W2 ensures thorough cleaning and edge coverage.

Robotics for All

As a prominent player in the home service robot sector, ECOVACS has a history of excellence in design and innovation. This is exemplified by the iF Design Awards previously won by the DEEBOT N9+ robotic vacuum cleaner and the AIRBOT Z1 robotic air purifier.

ECOVACS will remain dedicated to showcasing its unique innovation on the global platform, offering users worldwide smarter, more convenient, and more personalized experiences through its innovative product lineup.


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