Jakarta (ANTARA) - Physical and pediatric rehabilitation specialist at the Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital, Dr Rizky Kusuma Wardhani, stated that physical activity three hours a day can have a positive impact on children's growth and development.

"Children who do physical activity, their muscles elongate and shorten, and this stimulates the bones and increases their size or length," Wardhani remarked during an online discussion as followed from here, Tuesday.

She noted that children aged 3-5 years can engage in activities, such as running and jumping inside the house or outdoors, for approximately three hours.

Children aged six to 17 years or those going to school, apart from the three hours of physical activities, can add more structured and planned sports activities at least thrice a week, with a duration of 60 minutes.

"Children aged three to five years old can do light physical activity, such as walking leisurely, doing homework, or moving around the house," she remarked.

She also suggested moderate to heavy physical activities, such as running and cycling with a longer duration or distance.

"It can be whatever as long as the children move," she stressed.

She explained that physical activities, such as running, jumping, and standing, are weight-bearing in nature and help build strong bones and strengthen muscles.

The bones hold the weight of the body, so the bones become more compact and dense and will stimulate the growth of children to become taller sooner, she remarked.

Physical activities can also stimulate gross and fine motor skills in children and improve social skills by playing with peers.

Wardhani said physical activities can reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease while supporting brain development and increasing cognitive skills.

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Translator: Fitra A. Kenzu
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