Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Human Development and Culture expressed hope that the suspected human trafficking case disguised as an internship program in Germany would not make students fearful of interning abroad.

The ministry’s Deputy for Coordination for Improving the Quality of Education and Religious Moderation, Warsito, stated that his ministry would evaluate the case in line with the existing regulation.

"This incident will certainly be evaluated according to the existing regulations, but I hope this will not result in a lasting effect on both higher education institutions and students who want to intern abroad. This is what is important," Warsito emphasized on Wednesday.

Warsito explained that the internship program abroad is still necessary for students to boost their self-development and skills. They will gain experience and develop skills to increase their discipline and perseverance.

However, he pointed out that the country’s capacity to provide internship opportunities, both in large and medium industries, is still insufficient.

That way, he said, the government will evaluate the human trafficking case and work to solve it in keeping with the regulation so that similar cases do not recur in the future.

"Hence, our approach is to study what the necessary regulation is. The spirit to get (interning abroad) experience must still be encouraged and supported by the regulations we provide later," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Vice President Ma'ruf Amin assessed that the case of Indonesian students becoming victims of human trafficking under an internship guise was a matter of concern.

VP Amin, through a statement released by the Vice Presidential Secretariat, considered the act of exploitation and human trafficking to be shameful and maligned the country’s reputation.

"I think this is our concern, as it tarnishes our good name, the Indonesian nation, and again, I think this is something embarrassing," he stated.

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Translator: Asep F, Kenzu
Editor: Anton Santoso
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