Sanya, China, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- During the Spring Festival of 2024 for the Year of Dragon, Sanya Tourism Board, in cooperation with China Media Group (CMG), initiated a culture and tourism related logo "Welcome to Sanya," showcasing the beautiful scenery and culture in Sanya, through a comprehensive media approach featuring propaganda and short video series, such as Wonderland Sanya and A Bus Tour Across China•Sanya.

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During the Spring Festival, Sanya presented over a hundred Chinese new year activities such as theme parks, bear festival, and lantern festival gala, bringing the guests from around the world a unique tropical "new year's holiday experience".

As an ideal tourist destination, Sanya provides a perfect weather during the Spring Festival. Aside from the exceptional natural environment, the local culture and tourism resources that mark their own also draw people's attention. Tourists from around the world can experience the Chinese traditions and culture while enjoying the high quality tourist services. Taking on both the exhibition of the traditional culture and distribution of modern entertainment, Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, and Yazhou Bay of Sanya vied with each other in splendor.

Sanya also focuses on providing variegated pastime for different customers. Whether you like shopping or taking photos in the beautiful scenery, lean toward adventure, expect to kick back and relax, or love water sports, Sanya can not only give you all the choices, but also complement it with a prepay compensation mechanism, which guarantees you to "worry-free travel" in Sanya.

The promotional label "Welcome to Sanya" caught on as a catchphrase, and hit 1.15 billion times of publicity on the Chinese websites, which not only successfully increased the reputation of Sanya, but also further promoted the local tourism and economic development. During the festival, the City of Sanya received 2.4814 million tourists, bringing in ¥7.494 billion yuan in tourism revenue. From March 19th to 22nd, Sanya Tourism Board, in collaboration with tourism-related enterprises from the Sanya Economic Circle, launched on a series of tourism marketing and promotion activities in Singapore for the year of 2024. Next, Sanya Tourism Board will visit to the Middle East, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other places to attract more overseas tourists to visit Sanya, narrate the story of "Beautiful Sanya" to the international market and promote the accelerated development of the inbound tourism market.

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