Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) together with First Lady Iriana took along their grandchildren to enjoy nature and animal tourism in a resort in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra on Saturday (April 13).

The President spent the Eid holiday with his daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, and his three grandchildren, namely Sedah Mirah Nasution, Panembahan Al Nahyan Nasution, and Panembahan Al Saud Nasution.

He and his family joined in several leisure activities like feeding crocodiles under the supervision of experienced officers, according to information from the Presidential Secretariat on Sunday.

Sedah Mirah, the head of state's granddaugther, expressed a chuckle when she stroked the reptile's back cautiously.

"Look, its tongue is out," Jokowi said to her as the reptile stuck out its tongue.

"Weee," Mirah said.

President Jokowi then took his grandchildren to walk along a wooden bridge on a pond full of colorful koi fish.

They also feed the koi fish expecting for food. There was joy in Nahyan Nasution's eyes as the koi fish approached him.

Moving from the pond, Sedah Mirah and Nahyan interacted with a number of birds ranging from owls, parrots, to cockatoos.

The two took turns petting and feeding the animals.

Their adventure continued towards the deer shed, where the deers also approached them, with the same curiosity.

President Jokowi, with his role as a grandfather, taught his grandchildren how to feed deer attentively.

Then, the atmosphere became a little bit noisy as the President's family joined a crowd of other visitors by the lake.

There they threw pieces of bread at geese and ducks who cheerfully swam towards them. There were also a number of pelicans that enjoyed the sun, flapping their wings.

By noon, President Jokowi and his family left the activity spot.

In this activity, President Jokowi not only enjoyed quality time with his family, but also got to teach important values about environmental sustainability and introduction of animals to his grandchildren.

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