Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Abdullah Azwar Anas, has informed that a priority scale will determine which government ministry and agency officials need to relocate earlier to Nusantara city.

Ministries and agencies will be screened under three criteria to ensure the government operates normally amid the capital relocation, he said.

"We designate the first, second, and third priority, which we adjust according to the readiness of the accommodation and their functions in the government," Anas added during a press conference at the Communications and Informatics Ministry's complex here on Wednesday.

The first screening will determine the importance and strategic position of ministry and government agency officials in relation to the head of state.

For instance, ministry officials who need to work close to the President will be placed in the first group, he said.

The second screening, he informed, will determine the ministry and agency officials who have a vital role in the government's decision-making process. Agencies functioning in the security and defense sector will also be included in the second priority group, the minister said.

The third screening will determine ministry and agency officials authorized to mitigate the potential for failure in work and policy implementation, he added.

Anas revealed that so far, the screening has determined that 179 echelon 1 officials from 38 ministries and agencies will be in the priority group and 91 echelon 1 officials from 29 ministries and agencies in the second priority group.

"Meanwhile, 378 echelon 1 officials from 59 ministries and agencies are included on the third priority group," the minister added.

The minister further informed that the four coordinating ministries and several other ministries as well as the Attorney General's Office and the secretariat generals of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) and its two parliamentary chambers have been included in the priority group that will relocate to Nusantara.

Meanwhile, the second priority group includes the State Secretary, Religious Affairs, Health, and Transportation ministries, as well as the Constitutional Court.

Regarding Jakarta's position following the capital relocation, Anas emphasized that the city will remain active as the nation's economic center despite Nusantara becoming the nation's administrative center and a large number of state apparatus relocating there.

"We have repeatedly discussed this issue with secretary-generals from all ministries," he said.

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Translator: Bagus Ahmad R, Nabil Ihsan
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