Official Announcement! Xiao Zhan Joins ANGEL as Global Brand Ambassador

With Xiao Zhan's Endorsement, ANGEL Embarks on a New Era of Purified Water

Shenzen, China (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- World-renowned water purification expert, ANGEL, officially announced Xiao Zhan as its global brand ambassador on April 17th, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter. ANGEL's collaboration with Xiao Zhan not only revitalizes the brand, but also signifies a pivotal step forward in ANGEL's journey towards brand elevation.

Xiao Zhan has endeared himself to a large fanbase with his exceptional acting skills, unique charm, and humble demeanor as an acclaimed and versatile artist who is active in the performing arts and music industries. Constantly seeking new heights in his career, Xiao Zhan has polished his character portrayals and emerged as a highly acclaimed young actor in China.

ANGEL has invited Xiao Zhan to become its global brand ambassador, driven not only by both parties' pursuit of a quality lifestyle but also by their shared dedication to professionalism and exploration. As an actor, Xiao Zhan has constantly challenged himself with diverse roles, expanding his acting career. As a singer, he shines brightly on stage, pouring his heart into every song he performs. The same can be said of ANGEL, which has remained steadfastly user-centric for 36 years by focusing on technology innovation, crafting quality domestic products, and leading the development of the industry.

ANGEL has earned users' trust and acclaim with its outstanding product quality and innovative water purification technology, while Xiao Zhan has consistently challenged himself in his entertainment career, exploring various roles and styles, and displaying remarkable artistic innovation. Xiao Zhan's unique personal style aligns perfectly with Angel's brand image. The relentless pursuit and practice of professionalism by both parties will culminate in a perfect fusion of brand philosophy and personal charm.

With Xiao Zhan on board, ANGEL is on its way to bringing more exciting surprises to a wider audience in the future, conveying ANGEL's brand philosophy together. ANGEL aims to offer global consumers a variety of high-end purified water experiences and create a safe, healthy and stylish lifestyle through purified drinking water.

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