Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - Jayapura City in Papua Province is one of the regions of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia that directly borders with the country of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

To mark the RI-PNG border, boundaries were built both on land and at sea, which can be seen in the form of monuments.

There are two monuments built in Jayapura City. The land monument, or National Border Post (PLBN), is located in Skouw, Muara Tami Sub-district, while the sea monument, or sea Cross-Border Post (PLB), is located in Hamadi, South Jayapura Sub-district.

The location makes Jayapura open to citizens from both countries, especially for trading activities at local traditional markets, thereby increasing susceptibility to the practices of smuggling of prohibited goods, such as drugs, fuel, areca nut, and vanilla, from PNG.

One of the current problems being faced is the increase in drug trafficking. This problem has become a cause for serious concern for the regional government and security forces, especially the Main Navy Base (Lantamal) X Jayapura along with related agencies.

Commander of the Patrol Boat Unit of Lantamal X Jayapura, Lieutenant Colonel Dedy Obet, stated that Jayapura is currently one of the areas in a state of drug emergency. His side has continued to prevent and take legal action against criminals to tackle this crime.

On March 27, 2024, the XQR Satrol Lantamal Team along with the Skouw Sae Integrated Maritime Security Post (Posal) arrested four residents from PNG carrying 2.8 grams of marijuana and Pertalite subsidized fuel.

On April 14, 2024, authorities also thwarted the smuggling of 754 kilograms of illegal areca nut from three PNG citizens.

Based on the results of inspection conducted by the Immigration Office Team, the three PNG citizens did not have official documents and had falsified border crossing documents.


Under the efforts to prevent the smuggling of narcotics and drugs from PNG to Jayapura City, Lantamal X Jayapura began intensifying sea patrols, both during the day and night. Such endeavors also aimed to prevent the entry of illegal goods into Jayapura by sea.

With its wide operational area, Lantamal X Jayapura is pursuing efforts to implement effective strategies, including conducting observations in marine areas supported by adequate personnel and equipment.

In order to support maritime security, Obet said his side has prepared warships, Navy Ships, sea patrol ships (Patkamla), and sea riders.

The patrols vary from opened-closed patrolling, depending on the situation, condition, and needs, considering that Papua's waters are prone to smuggling.

Apart from conducting maritime security, the patrol unit also takes preventive measures, especially on the sea coast, such as carrying out intense outreach about the dangers of drugs and instilling the values of patriotism among members of the community.

The TPI Jayapura Class I Immigration Office has also striven to prevent drug smuggling via sea and land routes into Jayapura City. The office is processing eight PNG citizens related to immigration administration crimes.

Head of the Jayapura Class I Immigration Office, Muhammad Akmal, stated that of the eight people, four were arrested by the Lantamal X Jayapura Sea Patrol Task Force in Skouw waters on March 27, 2024, while carrying 2.8 grams of drugs.

The Jayapura Immigration Office then coordinated with the Prosecutor's Office, Police, Customs, Fish and Plant Animal Quarantine to file legal proceedings against PNG's citizens who committed immigration crimes.

In addition, the Jayapura city government is committed to fighting drug trafficking in this area, along with the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI), National Police (Polri), and related agencies.

The local government lauded the hard work of TNI and Polri that have continued to make intensive efforts to eradicate drugs. On various occasions and locations, the local city government also warned of the dangers of drug use for young people, especially students.

Acting Mayor of Jayapura Frans Pekey stated that in order to support the operations of the TNI and Polri, especially Satrol X Jayapura in securing the Jayapura waters, his side allocated operational costs according to the agency's needs.

"We are ready to assist Satrol X Jayapura in securing Jayapura waters by carrying out patrols," he remarked.

He also lauded the consistency of the Papua Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN) that continues to collaborate with various parties in the prevention and control of drugs in this region.

The current young generation in Papua should understand the dangers of narcotics. Hence, prevention must be carried out as early as possible to realize a healthy generation, mentally and physically.

Pekey called on all parents and teachers to always remind the younger generation regarding the dangers of drugs and avoid their abuse.

For future goals, he is upbeat that cross-sector collaboration and cooperation would be strengthened to free the city from the dangers of drugs.

A generation with a bright future can only be produced from intelligent young people who are free from drugs.

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