Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan stated that the revision of Minister of Trade Regulation (Permendag) Number 36 of 2023 concerning Import Policies and Regulations had been completed.

Hasan remarked that Permendag Number 36 of 2023 has now been changed to Permendag Number 7 of 2024.

The revision changes three main points in the previous regulations: goods shipped by Indonesian migrant workers, rules on prohibitions, and restrictions on imports of goods and luggage of passengers from abroad.

"I signed this Permendag yesterday, so it is not Permendag Number 36 anymore. It has been revised," Hasan remarked in Jakarta, Tuesday.

In Permendag Number 7 of 2024, several commodities are no longer included in the import category, such as fortifier premixes or auxiliary materials for wheat flour, industrial raw materials, and lubricants.

However, Hasan remarked that goods, such as computers, cellphones, or other devices, still have import restrictions, especially for passengers from abroad.

Regarding Indonesian migrant workers' (PMI's) shipment, Permendag Number 7 of 2024 no longer regulates the list of types and quantities of shipments.

For goods sent by PMI, there will no longer be a need to regulate the quantity and type, as long as it complies with the stipulated goods value, that is US$1,500 per year per person.

Meanwhile, for foreign passengers' luggage, the rules will be determined through the Finance Minister's Regulation, especially regarding provisions on goods that are free from import duties and taxes.

"Hopefully, with what was conveyed this morning regarding the pros and cons of Minister of Trade Regulation No. 36 is finished, and there will be no obstacles either for industrial raw materials or anything else and also regarding PMI and others," Hasan stated.

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Translator: Maria Cicilia Galuh Prayudhia, Cindy Frishanti Oct
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