Jakarta (ANTARA) - The resolution expected to be produced at the 10th World Water Forum will be a reference for policymakers in creating targeted regulations, chairperson of the House of Representatives' (DPR's) Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP), Fadli Zon, said.

"Experts' thoughts regarding world water issues will be discussed together with politicians. This is one of the efforts to create a resolution that can provide insight for policymakers to create effective regulations," he informed in a statement issued by the DPR on Tuesday.

He noted that many representatives of world parliaments will attend the forum, which is scheduled to be held in Bali from May 18–25, 2024.

A number of urgent water crisis issues will be discussed at the forum, he said.

"Based on the information that I received, (representatives from) more than 40 countries will attend. We hope this meeting can prevent water scarcity, especially now that the world is facing extreme climate change," he added.

The BKSAP chairperson also expressed the hope that parliaments will play a role in the forum and create laws to monitor executive and budget operations related to access to clean water and sanitation, in keeping with Goal No. 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Indonesia was chosen to host the 10th World Water Forum, themed "Water for Shared Prosperity," during the General Assembly of the World Water Council in Senegal in 2022.

The forum is an international meeting of stakeholders in the water resources sector, such as governments, parliaments, political leaders, multilateral institutions, academicians, civil society, and business players.

The 10th World Water Forum will focus on discussing four issues: water conservation, clean water and sanitation, food and energy security, and mitigation of natural disasters.

Through 244 sessions, the forum is expected to deliver concrete results on the mainstreaming of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) on Small Islands, the establishment of the Center of Excellence on Water and Climate Resilience, and the designation of World Lakes Day.

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