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On April 29, Yili Group released its 2023 financial report, showing a record-breaking total operating income of 126.179 billion yuan and a net profit attributable to parent company of 10.429 billion yuan. This marked 31 consecutive years of steady growth.

On the same day, Yili also announced a plan to repurchase shares worth no less than 1 billion yuan but no more than 2 billion yuan. These shares will be entirely canceled to reduce the company's registered capital.

During the reporting period, Yili's entire range of products remained industry-leading. Its liquid milk business generated an operating income of 85.54 billion yuan, maintaining its top position in both scale and market share. The milk powder and dairy products recorded 27.598 billion yuan in revenue, up 5.09% year on year, and overall milk powder sales rose to the top of the Chinese market. The cold beverage business generated an operating income of 10.69 billion up, up 11.72% from the previous year, far exceeding the industrial average growth rate, and retained its market leadership for the 29th consecutive year.

Overseas business also performed well. In 2023, Yili's overseas business income increased by 10.08% year on year, with products sold to over 60 countries and regions. Notably, Cremo and Joyday products gained significant popularity in Southeast Asia, while Joyday ice cream made a strong entry into Africa.

Yili has continuously improved and optimized its global supply chain network, achieving efficient synergy between its domestic and overseas bases. In May 2023, construction work commenced for a lactoferrin factory of Westland Dairy Company Limited, one of Yili's subsidiaries. Once the factory is put into operation, it will be one of the top three lactoferrin producers worldwide. This capacity breakthrough is driven by innovative technological advancements that have spurred the transformation of research into tangible results.

In 2023, Yili made continuous breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, quickly translating these innovations into products that have set new trends in healthy consumption. One notable achievement was the development of a unique lactoferrin directional extraction and protection technology, which increased the lactoferrin retention rate in UHT milk from 10% to over 90%. Furthermore, the company solved the challenge of probiotic inactivation at ambient temperatures, creating new healthy consumption scenarios for yogurt.

With industry-leading technological capabilities as the foundation, the Group has launched bestselling new products such as the SATINE Active Lactoferrin Organic Milk and Ambpomial AMX Probiotic Yogurt, providing the company with new growth drivers.

These innovative achievements stem from the company's long-term investment in technology. Recently, on the tenth anniversary of the Yili European Innovation Center, the center's upgrade and the establishment of the Global Maternal and Child Nutrition Research Center were celebrated at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Since its inception, the center has achieved remarkable results in areas like breast milk research, probiotics development, and innovative processes and technologies. Going forward, the center will focus on cutting-edge global dairy technologies to accelerate the application and commercialization of innovative results.

As an industry leader, Yili is not only achieving steady business growth but also emphasizing a sustainable future. The company actively promotes green and sustainable development, contributes to environmental protection and public welfare, and strives to create a win-win situation in economic, social, and environmental benefits.

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