Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) stated that it was building two national research vessels to strengthen Indonesia's deep-sea research fleet.

"Two ships are being built and are still in the tender or open international tender period," BRIN Research Vessel Fleet Management Director Nugroho Dwi Hananto noted in a statement from BRIN in Jakarta, Saturday.

Hananto explained that the two research vessels comprised an ocean cruiser to the open sea, with a depth of up to 10 thousand meters, and a coastal cruiser research ship to conduct research on the coast at river estuaries, bays, and the continental shelf.

BRIN prepared the two ships to carry out four main research themes, with the first being marine geoscience to actively observe the underwater, mineral sources, oil and gas sources, underwater volcanoes, and the potential for underwater tsunamis.

The second research theme pertains to observing the interaction between the sea and the atmosphere, between the ocean and the atmosphere and oceanography.

It also covers observing aspects of water pools and interaction with the atmosphere, observing the influence of the ocean as well as the atmosphere on regional and global climate.

The third research theme entails conducting biodiversity research and measuring fish stocks, while the fourth is about hydrotrophy or seabed mapping.

BRIN Deputy for Development Policy Mego Pinandito stated that BRIN currently has four research vessels that are still actively operating.

According to Pinandito, Indonesia needs a sophisticated and new research vessel to conduct research on deep-sea activities.

Hence, the BRIN has prepared two research vessels that are currently still being procured to support deep-sea research activities in Indonesia.

Currently, the government is implementing a government cooperation program with business entities. The program was created to manage and build a national research vessel fleet.

The scope of the activity is the development of a research vessel-based coastal, sea, and ocean industry research business.

In this collaboration, the BRIN focuses on developing marine research that supports more detailed mapping of marine areas.

The agency opens up opportunities to fund research in the marine sector, both for BRIN researchers and entities other than it.

The program is open to the entire Indonesian research community, all scientists, universities, industry, and other related parties, after going through established procedures.

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