There are still many mysteries and hidden potentials.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ocean research in Indonesia, specifically the deep sea, is still lacking in terms of the discovery of biological and non-biological wealth and oceanography phenomena, National Research and Innovation Agency's (BRIN's) Head Laksana Tri Handoko stated.

This is despite the fact that 60 percent of Indonesia's waters comprise the deep sea, Handoko noted at the Oceanography Research Integrated Laboratory (LATERIO) inauguration event here on Tuesday.

This provides a huge opportunity and presents a challenge for all parties, especially Indonesian researchers, to unearth the various potentials of Indonesia's sea and utilize them for the prosperity of the nation, he explained.

"There are still many mysteries and hidden potentials," he remarked.

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Deep sea research necessitates skilled human resources and supporting strategic infrastructure, he stressed.

One of the important infrastructures that BRIN has readied and can be utilized globally is LATERIO in Ancol, here, that is complemented with the latest and advanced equipment to support Indonesia's oceanography research.

LATERIO plays a strategic role in bolstering the discovery and utilization of Indonesia's ocean richness that is still hidden and has not been explored optimally.

To this end, Indonesia's potential maritime richness is expected to be uncovered and utilized optimally for the prosperity of all Indonesians.

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"Let us hope that this would become a good starting point for us all to bolster oceanography research, not just in BRIN but also in Indonesia as a whole by involving at least 88 oceanography faculties across the nation," Handoko noted.

During the inauguration event, Handoko also highlighted that the LATERIO had equipment, such as an automatic digital microscope, trinocular stereo microscope, compound microscope with phase contrast, fluorescence microscope, and fluorescence imaging system.

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