Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Navy conducted Joint Exercise Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training (CARAT) along with the US Navy and the US Marine Corps (USMC) while also carrying out a humanitarian mission.

The biennial CARAT training was held on May 13-20, 2024, in Pesawaran, Lampung, Commander of Fleet I Command of the Indonesian Navy, Rear Admiral Yoos Suryono Hadi, stated.

"Apart from personnel training, the 2024 CARAT also carried out a humanitarian mission in the form of engineering capability by renovating Mathlaul Anwar Islamic school in Pesawaran," Hadi remarked during the 2024 CARAT closing ceremony on Monday.

Moreover, the troops conducted free health check-ups, offered health treatment, and disseminated dental health education, he added.

"It was followed by community relations activities by cleaning up Cakra Beach and Klara Beach and the provision of 100 basic food packages to the community around the training area and planting 2,200 tree seedlings on Bensam Beach," he remarked.

According to Hadi, the joint exercise was important to increase the professionalism of soldiers and maintain sound relations between Indonesia and the US.

"We were able to clock several achievements in this training, such as soldier knowledge, increasing professionalism, and building mutual trust between Indonesia and the US Navy and USMC," he remarked.

Moreover, he noted that the one-week training included training in the decision-making process and the exchange of knowledge in the fields of law, health, public affairs, communications, amphibious reconnaissance, and aviation.

The 2024 CARAT Training uses an integrated scenario-based exercise approach, wherein all stages of planning, preparation, and implementation of training from each section, both technical and tactical, are carried out in an integrated manner in the form of coastal defense and anti-amphibious operations, Hadi stated.

The activity involved approximately 1,380 Indonesian Navy personnel and 1,180 US Navy and USMC personnel armed with warships, aircraft, helicopters, and also Marine artillery weapons.

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