The Organizing Committee of 2024 Beijing Chaoyang International Tea Culture Festival

Beijing, (ANTARA /Xinhua-AsiaNet)-

The 2024 Beijing Chaoyang International Tea Culture Festival kicked off recently at the Chaoyang Park and the Junwangfu Hotel, gathering more than 100 tea brands for tea party, tea-related poem recitals and traditional Chinese-style performances, attracting many guests from both home and abroad.

Upon entering the Junwangfu Hotel, one can hear the melodious sound of the guqin from afar. This quaint garden-style building has been transformed into a tea culture reception hall with four distinctive areas for exhibition and display, interactive experience, immersive shopping, and new cultural experience, respectively, providing visitors with immersive tours featuring the traditional Chinese tea culture.

There were also special activities such as incense rituals, ikebana, Hanfu performances, tea-related poems, tasting tea and identifying flowers, as well as new consumption scenarios such as "Tea & Coffee Theme Salon" and "Sunset Music Party", providing opportunities for young people to meet friends over tea.

Although Beijing's Chaoyang District does not produce tea, it is one of the areas that sees the greatest tea consumption, with both traditional tea houses and innovative tea beverage stores ranking first in Beijing.

On the day the festival was launched, Chaoyang released the Tea Fragrance Tour Map, highlighting the highest tea fragrance indexes in 12 business districts, including CBD, Sanlitun, Wangjing, and Shuangjing.

In the future, Chaoyang District will further enrich the forms of cultural consumption to support Beijing's efforts for developing itself into an international consumption center, a "City of Tea Fragrance", and a "Garden City".

Known as "China's Number One District for Foreign Affairs", Chaoyang District gathers a number of embassies in China, international media organizations, international organizations, and regional headquarters of multinational companies. Tasting Chinese tea offers many international friends a unique experience in Chinese culture and aesthetics. Additionally, tea beverages from around the world, such as English black tea and Argentine mate tea, thrive here. Using tea as a medium to make friends, Chaoyang looks forward to welcoming guests from all over the world to enjoy the fragrance and charm of tea together.

Source: The Organizing Committee of 2024 Beijing Chaoyang International Tea Culture Festival

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