Jakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini revisited Agam District, West Sumatra, in a bid to ensure that a newly established emergency post is safe and comfortable for refugees taking shelter from Mount Marapi's cold lava floods.

In a press release issued by Rismaharini's ministry in Jakarta on Tuesday, the visit was meant to be a follow up to the earlier trip undertaken on May 15-16.

Shortly after landing at Minangkabau Airport on Monday (May 20), Rismaharini headed to the refugee post or shelter newly established on a football field in Angkek Ampek Sub-district, Agam District.

Earlier, the minister had coordinated with Agam District Head Andri Warman to relocate the initial refugee post to a place wider and safer from the flow of cold lava.

At the new refugee post, Rismaharini inspected the availability of food prepared for the refugees in a public kitchen.

Moreover, the minister joined disaster preparedness cadets stationed in the kitchen to cook meals dedicated to the refugees. In the kitchen, she assisted the cadets by slicing cabbages.

"Prior to the designation of disaster preparedness villages (KSBs), I participated in the cooking process. Now, we have designated plenty of KSBs," she stated.

Speaking about the condition of the refugee shelter, Rismaharini noted that over 10 large-sized tents had been erected.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has installed one tent for a health post and two tents for culinary and handcrafting vocational training activities, she said.

Rismaharini then remarked that her office had also erected numerous tents and installed portable toilets to cater to the needs of the refugees and their companions.

Earlier, shortly after the cold lava floods struck several regions in West Sumatra Province on May 11, the minister took a quick initiative by instructing her officials to take disaster emergency measures.

As of Monday, the Ministry of Social Affairs has built public kitchens and distributed logistics aid to affected regions, namely Agam District, Tanah Datar District, Padang Panjang City, and Padang Pariaman District.

The total value of the aid stands at Rp7.14 billion (US$445.6 thousand).

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Translator: Hana D, Tegar Nurfitra
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