Jambi (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry has said that the revitalization of the Muarajambi National Cultural Site, which includes the development of a museum, is a vital effort made by the government to preserve culture.

The ministry's director general for cultural affairs, Hilmar Farid, said in Muaro Jambi district, Jambi province, on Wednesday, that the site will not only serve as a symbol of Buddhism, but also as an educational and spiritual destination.

"We not only repair physical infrastructure but are also committed to pursuing an in-depth study of the lost Muarajambi civilization through the excavation of historical items, identifying their meaning and history, in a bid to restore Muarajambi Cultural Site's disposition as a fun source of inspiration and knowledge for people," he added.

He delivered the statement during the groundbreaking for Muarajambi Cultural Site's museum.

According to him, the museum, which will span 10 hectares, will be the largest in Indonesia. The museum will be built in the biggest Buddhist temple complex of 3,981 hectares, he added.

Other facilities will also come up in the area, like a center for public micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), a tourist information center, and a space for children.

He revealed that during the excavation, several historical items, such as golden jewelry, statues, and inscriptions of some sort, were found at the site.

"There is an andesite statue, which shows that it was brought from outside, not from here. There is Chinese ceramic found here. This was a very cosmopolitan place in the past," he informed.

He said that all the items were being stored at the Cultural Preservation Office. They will be moved to the museum once it is completed, he added.

Hilmar said that they expect to find more items once the excavation process is extended to other areas of the site.

The Buddhist temple, he said, has attracted many foreign archeologists since the 90s, and the new findings are expected to promote the place once more.

He added that he expects the museum to be completed by October this year, in time for Jambi province's anniversary celebrations.

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Reporter: Mecca Yumna Ning Prisie
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