Natuna (ANTARA) - The Natuna National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) in Riau Islands planted coral reefs in the waters of Senoa Island to commemorate Coral Reef Triangle Day.

Search and First Aid Expert of Natuna Basarnas Dwiki Hermawan in Natuna, Sunday, said that apart from commemorating Coral Reef Day on 9 June, the activity was also in commemoration of World Oceans Day on 8 June.

According to him, during the activity, his party collaborated with various agencies and communities in Natuna.

The parties involved include Ranai Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) Station, Natuna Maritime Exploration Community (JBN), Mapala Stai, Sudden Camp, Sedarun Natuna, Lensa Natuna, Saka SAR, PMI, PPNI and Spearsfishing.

"Apart from planting, we also carry out beach clean-up activities. The aim of all these activities is to preserve the environment and is an effort to increase the beauty of tourism in Natuna," he said.

He added that coral reefs are tied to iron frames from land or the beach, and after they are finished they are taken to waters where there are minimal coral reefs.

He hopes that the coral will grow well so that it can be useful for the surrounding area.

"We sent several divers from Basarnas Natuna and the community," he said.

JBN leader, Cherman, appreciated the activities initiated by Natuna Basarnas.

According to him, the condition of coral reefs in Natuna is increasingly worrying because many have been lost due to global warming.

"Planting coral reefs is an activity that should be appreciated," he said.

He conveyed that his community had also done the same thing since 2017.

"We have also carried out mapping and seeding of coral reefs," he said.

According to him, protecting coral reefs is a collective task, so he invites all elements to collaborate to protect coral reefs.

"Coral reefs provide many benefits for living creatures, especially humans," he said.

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