Jembrana, Bali (ANTARA) - The Bali Regional Police celebrated the 78th Indonesian Police (Bhayangkara) Day by organizing Makepung or a buffalo racing competition in Jembrana District, Bali.

"Makepung or buffalo race is a hereditary tradition of farmers in Jembrana after collecting harvest. Apart from celebrating joy and gratitude after harvest, this tradition is also a tourist attraction," Bali Police Chief Inspector General Ida Bagus Kade Putra Narendra said here on Sunday.

He conveyed this statement when opening the Bali Cup Makepung competition at the All in One Circuit in Pengambengan Village, Negara Sub-district, Jembrana.

He said that Makepung was a spontaneous action of farmers after their succeeded their harvest.

Farmers on pairs of buffaloes raced against each other on rice fields, which over time developed into a tradition that only existed in Jembrana.

Because it is unique to Jembrana, Narendra said that Makepung became one of the attractions for tourists.

"In the series of Bhayangkara Day activities, we hold the Makepung competition here. In addition to preserving culture, we hope that this competition can attract domestic and foreign tourists," the Bali Police Chief said.

In the competition, as many as 234 pairs of buffaloes were divided into western and eastern squads. They raced in the All in One circuit located near the beach.

For the Jembrana people, Makepung is no longer just a tradition, but a pride in when they win the race.

In order to win the race, Makepung buffaloes receive special care ranging from food, vitamins, and regular exercise.

Before the race, the heads of buffaloes were decorated, and after that they pulled a cart with a jockey on it across a sandy circuit.

Winning the Makepung competition also increased the selling price of the buffaloes which could reach hundreds of millions of rupiah.

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