Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Ministry voiced support for efforts to increase the involvement of youth, including Generation Z, in various aspects of social forestry, including developing products resulting from sustainable forest use. During a discussion, followed online from Jakarta on Friday, director general of social forestry and environmental partnership (PSKL) at the ministry, Mahfudz, invited the younger generation to get involved in social forestry schemes.

The schemes cover community forests, village forests, community plantation forests, customary forests, and forestry partnerships.

"There needs to be regeneration of young people, so first, young people can play a role in helping develop institutions at the local level," Mahfudz said.

He explained that the regeneration of forest management groups is needed considering that approval for social forestry has been granted for up to 35 years and could be extended to 70 years.

The young generation, he said, can act as assistants or young entrepreneurs who can create new jobs and bigger businesses.

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They can also help with the marketing and development of forest products belonging to social forestry business group (KUPS).

He then gave the example of how Generation Zers can design forestry products that are liked and needed by Indonesia's young generation to develop their market.

"I think young people have a role in innovating and educating about social forestry products," he explained.

According to KLHK data, as of May 2024, the Social Forestry program has achieved land utilization of 7.08 million hectares, comprising 10,232 approval units and involving 1.3 million heads of families across Indonesia.

Moreover, 13,460 KUPS have been formed, which are currently managing and utilizing forests based on forest potential.

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