Populist economic program developed in Aceh

Banda Aceh, Aceh Province  (ANTARA News) - Iskandar Muda Military Command in Aceh Province has started to develop populist economic program by providing a number of people with non-cash working capital assistance.

Such a program is part of an effort to improve the local people`s income and welfare, especially for those in rural areas of the province.

Local deputy army chief of staff Lt Gen Johanes Suryo Perayogo after a meeting with Governor Irwandi Yusuf here on Wednesday said the development of populist economic program in Aceh was part of military operations other than war (OMSP).

"The National Defense Forces (TNI) is also part of the people, and thus besides in the defense field, the economic development program is also a form of TNI programs for the people," Johanes said.

He said similar program was also developed by all military commands across the country which was adjusted with the local geography and resources.

"It is a true integrated partnership program between TNI and the people, involving the local government," Johanes said.

Meanwhile, Iskandar Muda Military Commander May Gen Adi Mulyono said the populist economic program was intended to improve the economy and welfare of the villagers.

"We want to assist the villagers with seedlings duck eggs and prime corn seedlings to be developed," Adi Mulyono said, adding that the first stage of the assistance would be given to the people of Suka Makmur and Indrapuri sub-districts in Aceh Besar district.