Washington (ANTARA News/Cihan) - American astronomers has discovered smallest planet out of our solar system.

Kepler, a space telescope, has been sent to space to find new habitable in space discovered a planet which its dimensions as much as the earth. New planed has been named as 10-b which is far away 560 light-year to our planet.

10 -b nearer 20 times to its star than solar system's planet mercury's distance to the Sun. Its density is also bigger 4.5 times than earth and bigger 1.4 times than our planet.

According the astronomers' measurements, 10-b is very hot and temperature 1500' Celsius.

Douglas Hudgins, an astronomers working in NASA center in Washington said that they found a planet which dimension nearly as much as Earth. He noted also their discovery was milestone to find new habitable planets.

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