Jakarta (ANTARA News) - As the initiator of the inter-religious leaders` meeting, Muhammadiyah leader Din Syamsuddin said he was disappointed with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono`s rejection of his demand that Gayus Tambunan`s tax fraud case be handled by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

"There are three disappointing points (coming from the meeting with the president on Monday-eds.). One of the points is about our demand that the Gayus Tambunan case be handled by the KPK," he told newsmen here Tuesday.

He quoted President Yudhoyono as saying that the Gayus case was being tackled by the police and prosecutor`s office while the KPK had its own duties.

Apart from what the head of state had stated, Din Syamsuddin said, with his authority, President Yudhoyono could order that the solution to the high-profile case d be given to the KPK.

The second disappointment was caused by President Yudhoyono`s response to the inter-religious leaders` argument about the significance of the "reverse burden of proof" principle in investigating corruption cases.

"The head of state said it must be in accordance with existing laws. We are very disappointed because the government is expected to propose the amendment of our legal materials," he said.

The third point the inter-religious leaders had demanded was the revelation of Bank Century case that the president had promised a total investigation into it.

The Bank Century case itself was triggered by the central government`s decision to rescue failed Bank Century with a total of Rp6.7 trillion in bailout funds. It had triggered protests from various elements in the society.

Among influential figures who had once been questioned both by the House of Representatives` members and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) over this case were Vice President Boediono in his capacity as former Bank Indonesia governor.

Along with former finance minister, Sri Mulyani, Boediono was questioned by KPK over the bank scandal on April 29, 2010.

Din Syamsuddin said the inter-religious leaders saw the revelation of the Bank Century scandal was so slow. "About this case, we just wait for the realization of his (president`s) words. We and the people are awating. Don`t let this case remain unsettled," he said.

The meeting between President Yudhoyono and a number of inter-religious figures at the State Palace here Monday evening was attended by, among others, Din Syamsuddin, the Indonesian Church Communion (PGI) Chairman Andreas Yewangoe and Catholic leader Franz Magnis Suseno.

President Yudhoyono`s stance on the parties handling the Gayus Tambunan case remains unchanged. Last year, the head of state had opined that Gayus` tax fraud case should remain in the hands of the police.

In November 2010, Golkar Party Chairman Aburizal Bakrie himself said he agreed with President Yudhoyono`s view that Gayus Tambunan`s tax fraud case should remain in the hands of the police.

"Let the police keep handling the Gayus Tambunan case. Don`t create the impression as if the police are not capable of resolving it," Aburizal told newsmen.

Aburizal Bakrie himself has been associated with Gayus especially with regard to an alleged case of tax fraud involving PT Kaltim Prima Coal, a subsidiary Bakrie Group.

He said he was waiting for the outcome of the national police`s investigation into Gayus Tambunan`s statement that the anti-legal mafia task force tended to link his case to the Bakrie group`s enterprises.

At that time, Muhammadiyah leader, Din Syamsuddin, said the KPK could reveal the truths behind the case more immediately and transparently.

The top leader of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia`s second biggest Islamic organization, said the KPK could even help realize the government`s commitment to fighting corruption crimes.

"Combating corruption needs concrete and serious actions. It is not just a rhetoric," he said.

Gayus Tambunan was found relaxing in the resort island of Bali last year while he was officially detained at the Police Mobile Brigade prison in Depok, West Java.

There was a strong public reaction to the publication of a picture showing a man resembling Gayus watching an international tennis match in Bali on November 5. Later, Gayus was also reportedly going abroad for several times.

The case of this junior civil servant working at the tax office caught wide public attention after the police named him suspect for having a suspicious Rp25 billion bank account in March 2010. (*)

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