Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Tens of students staged a rally in front of a National Mandate Party (PAN) house on Jalan Buncit Raya, South Jakarta, on Thursday to express their disappointment at Indonesian lawmakers` performance.

In the tightly-guarded rally, the protesters sang the national anthem to start the rally outside the house of Waode Nurhayati who is a member of the PAN faction in the House of Representatives (DPR).

The students who claimed to be members of the Student Alliance for People`s Concern of Southeast Sulawesi (Ampera Sutra)later unfurled a banner and conducted an oration, an ANTARA journalist observed.

In its written statement, the alliance said Woede Nurhayati`s performance had disappointed the people of Southeast Sulawesi province. The students accused her of impeding the development of special economic zone in the province.

They asked PAN Chairman Hatta Radjasa, the chief of the party`s provincial branch and the chief of the provincial legislative council to follow up their demand.

Ampera Sultra was opposed to any attempt to discourage any struggle to promote the Southeast Sulawesi people`s living standard, the statement said.

Rusman Itrawan who led the rally said Nurhayati`s resistance to the development of the economic zone aimed at improving the local people`s living standard had tarnished the party`s image and asked the PAN chairman to recall her from the DPR.

Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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