Indonesia`s tourism personnel expected to play dominant role in Asean

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s human resources in tourism should be able to play a dominant role in ASEAN, an official said.

"By 2015, our resources should be able to play a dominant role in ASEAN," I Gde Pitana, head of the cultural and tourism ministry`s tourism and cultural tourism human resources development division said here Wednesday.

To achieve the objective, the ministry has made some efforts including by carrying out researches, training courses and education, he said.

The researches were not always scientific, but practicable and implementable in the tourism industry, he explained.

In the education field, the ministry hoped that the number of graduates from the ministry`s tourism institute would increase.

"We have set a target that a total of 1,281 graduates from the higher learning institute under the coordination of the culture and tourism ministry will be absorbed in the employment market," he said.

Pitana also said that 1,150 people would join training courses in the tourism and culture fields.

He said that his office would conduct 13 researches in the cultural field, and 10 in the tourism field. "We will also very focus on formal and informal education and promotion of the cultural field," he said.

The cultural and tourism development needed quality human resources, he stated.