Semarang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian central bank (BI) planned to raise the number of members of the regional inflation controlling team to suppress the inflation, a BI economist Budi Trisnanto, said here, Thursday.

"The team may have different names in every region such as the price monitoring and controlling team in Central Java," he said.

The team consisted of many institutions such as the local government, regional work units, academicians and central bank officials.

The teamwork cooperation is expected to make coordination easier to discover failures in production and distribution.

Increasing the members of the inflation controlling team is considered another means to reduce the inflation rate by the central bank, he said.

"Right now the team operates in 53 cities, and will have up to 66 inflation controlling team members in the districts and cities," he said.

Budi said that inflation is also caused by smooth distribution of goods that can suppress the inflation rate, therefore the distribution and production of goods must run smoothly.

"We must arouse economic growth and banking must play a role in distributing safe credit loans," he said.

Sound growth of credit loans can create better economic growth and inflation monitoring and control can be well.

Regarding the central bank`s main policy, inflation suppression effort is by maintaining the interest rate to be consistence and exchange rate stabilized.

The government had also asked the central bank to continuously depress the core inflation under five percent each year.

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