Second batch of Indonesians arrive from Libya

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The second batch of Indonesians evacuated from Libya was scheduled to arrive in Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon (Mar 2) after flying from their transit in Tunisia.

The security, logistics support and evacuation taskforce in Libya said 141 Indonesians will arrive at Soekarno Hatta airport at 3.45 pm local time by an Emirates 356, and 50 others at 9.30 pm local time by Emirates 358.

The first batch of 11 people arrived at Soekarno Hatta from Libya on Tuesday (March 1) by Emirates 358.

Earlier task force chief Hassan Wirajudha said the situation in Libya might develop into a major horizontal conflict so that the government would evacuate all the Indonesians.

"In Libya we know the situation is uncertain. And a response from President Moammar Khaddafy threatening to use violence including sending soldiers, may increase the conflict still further," he said.

Hassan said there are 870 Indonesians in Libya including employees of PT Wika 210, students 150, migrant workers 60, including eight working at the palace of Moammar Khaddafy, and the rest are employees of foreign companies.

Before flying the Indonesians to Jakarta they will have a transit in Tunisia.

Indonesian students will be placed in Tunisia for two weeks until the situation is back to normal.

The Indonesians will be placed at Wisma Dubes, at the homes of staff of the Indonesian embassy, and in motels around the embassy.

In a recent interview with a foreign paper, Gaddafi said all of the Libyan people lived him and that there were no demonstrators on the streets.  (*)