Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - More than 1,447 people fled their homes after a flood swept through Malaka Barat subdistrict, Belu district, East Nusa Tenggara province, on Monday.

The figure excluded those from three flooded-villages of Mota`Ain, Sikun and Fofoe, Jhon Blegur, an employee of local public health service post, said on Wednesday.

It was still unclear where residents of the three villages were taking refuge as land communication to the villages was cut off, he said.

There was no other transport mode except speed boat to reach the villages, he said.

"Up till now there is still a big flood. However, the water level is not as high as that when the dike collapsed a few days ago," he said.

He said all the evacuees were being sheltered at four different places.

Belu deputy district head Lodovikus Taolin said the flood affected dozens of 36 villages in the subdistrict after four rivers flowing through Mutis nature preserve overflowed, forcing thousands of people to evacuate to higher grounds.

Among the flooded villages are Alas Selatan, Rainawe, Fahiluka, Lawalu, Railor, Naimana, Kleseleon, Motaulun, Umatoos, Lasaen, Fafoe, Sikun, Oanmane, Forekmodok, Angkaes, Wederok and Umalawain.

Jhon Blegur said the flood was the biggest to hit the area in the past five years. (*)

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